Lord's Guards

The Lord’s Guards are the military and police force for the City-State of Shard. The Lord’s Guard has been nicknamed the “LG” by many denizens of Shard. It is from that nickname that the city’s criminal class has adopted the nickname “Algae”, and derived from that, “Pond Scum”, for the Lord’s Guards. Use of this nickname directly to the face of an LG is consider to be highly imprudent as it is a good way to ensure that one was “resisting lawful arrest” and get hauled into Shard’s prisons.

The Guards provide security at the walls and entrances of Shard, and patrol internally to deter crime and maintain order. There are also patrols sent along the main roads leading to and from Shard. The villages in the surrounding area can also request a squad be sent to their village in case of bandit raids, agressive wild animal attacks or other dangers. The Lord’s Guards are also responsible for defense of Shard against invading forces; however, this function of the Guard has not been exercised for over 50 years. Instead the Lord’s Guards are highly focused on internal, not external, threats.

The typical Guard spends a year training in basic combat techniques before being allowed to wear the regalia of the Lord’s Guards, a bright yellow doublet with the crest of the City-State and dark purple breeches. The standard Guard armor consists of a cuirass while on patrol within the City of Shard, and an iron helm is added when on patrol outside of the city or in case of riot or other large melee. Most Guards carry a wooden club while on city patrol, while those outside of the city carry a short short and dirk. A Guard’s rank can be told by insignia located on their left arm, as the curiass would otherwise prevent quick identification. The ranks are, in order from highest to lowest:

  • The Lord of Shard serves as commander-in-chief of the Lord’s Guards.
  • Praetor – Appointed by the Lord of Shard and approved by the Council of Eight, the Praetor is the highest ranking military officer in the City-State of Shard and is given a seat on the Council of Eight, only one of two that is not a lifetime appointment. However, once approved by the Council, the Praetor can only be dismissed by the Lord of Shard.
  • Deputy Praetor – Appointed by the Praetor, this is the second seat for the military on the Council of Eight that is not a lifetime appointment. The Praetor must have the approval of the Lord of Shard to dismiss the Deputy Praetor.
  • Legates – Legates are assigned regions of the Brandywine Plains to be their purview, commanding battalions. There are several Legates assigned to the City of Shard itself, usually consisting of one or two districts of the city.
  • Captains – The highest rank of field officer, Captains are most often assigned a company of 200 individuals to command.
  • Lieutenants – Lieutentants are assigned individual platoons to command; the size of a company can vary wildly between battalions depending upon need and situation.
  • Sergeants – At least one sergeant is assigned to each platoon to assign the Lieutenant. Other sergeants lead detachments and small squads of Guards.
  • Guards – The rank and file of the Lord’s Guards, and the most numerous.

Lord's Guards

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