The Adventurers

The Wolves of War, Part II

As danger grows, so does the party

The party accompanied Captain Sextus and Lieutenant Osric to Fort Weston, having been temporarily deputized into the Lord’s Guards. Sextus called for his other adviser, Lieutenant Dunaviihr. A blood-and-mud stained dwarf in heavy plate armor, Dunaviihr entered with two other newly deputized members of the LG – an Elven ranger called Larkspur and Stothyra the Drow, an unlikely combination if there ever was one.

Sextus, with the input of the party and its two newest members, decided upon their strategy. It was decided that only scout units be send out to find the kidnappers of Councilor Llortherin‘s son Alexander, reserving the bulk of the LG to defend Weston. Sextus, on the advice of the party, decided to evacuate the townspeople who had fled to the fort during the attack toward Shard, getting them out of harm’s way. Sextus also decided to send only a single scout rider to request aid from nearby Fort Valens, on the advice of the party that a single rider could ride faster and evade goblins better than an entire unit.

Having made strategic decisions, Sextus then tasked the party and Lt. Osric to be one of the scout units to look for Alexander. The party tracked down a goblin band and defeated them, though Lt. Osric was severely wounded by an arrow in the knee, leaving one hobgoblin alive for questioning. The hobgoblin mocked the party, saying that if their band had Alexander they wouldn’t have stopped until they had delivered him to Bargulal, the leader of the goblins that attacked Weston. The hobgoblin cackled that Alexander The questioning proved shortlived to the already fatally wounded goblin as Leonidas attempted to torture the hobgoblin for more information, which instead only caused him to bleed out and expire before more information could be sought.

The party rushed back to Fort Weston to find it besieged by another wave of goblin attackers. Quickly planning strategy with Sextus, the party was dispatched to fight off a small group of goblin troops that had managed to breach the outer wall of the fortress and were trying to break down the main door. Despite the presence of a ferocious Bugbear, the party succeeded in their task and ensured the fortress did not fall. Sextus and Dunaviihr drove away the main body of the troops. Though there were losses of life, both civilian and soldier, and quite a lot of damage, the goblins had been repelled and Weston would live on to fight another day.



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