A gnome, unusual even by gnome standards


Where Twinkle hails from is a mystery. What is known about the enigmatic gnome isn’t very positive.

Twinkle is well-known to the merchants on the black and grey markets, those willing to buy used equipment “with no questions asked”. When asked where he gets the various odds and ends, often of high quality, Twinkle merely laughs and asks if they really want to know. So far, no vendors seem particularly interested so long as the steady supply of goods continues.

Twinkle’s secret is that he kills people for their things. Despite his jovial demeanor and his fairly small stature, Twinkle is essentially a highwayman of the worst kind. However, unlike those bandits, Twinkle doesn’t even do the job himself. Instead, he uses a nest of spiders to do his dirty work. His particular trap is to lure adventurers into the spiders’ lair. The spiders leave Twinkle alone, at first because he was deemed too small to make a proper meal. But once Twinkle started leading meals directly into their lair, the spiders decided that he was worth more as a “steward” than a snack. In return for the delivered meals, the spiders allow Twinkle to remove any personal effects of the devoured.

At least, that was Twinkle’s con. A group of adventurers, lost in the Feywild and looking for a way home, fell into his trap. However, Twinkle had underestimated their combat prowess and they defeated the spiders and Twinkle’s bugbear bodyguard. Twinkle himself was thoroughly beaten up in the battle, and only through a bit of slight of hand managed to escape with his life.

Twinkle’s whereabouts after the battle are unknown. However, it does seem fairly certain that the gnome will need a new method if he’s going to continue his evil ways. Given the glee with which he fed adventurers to spiders, it is also assured that whatever his next plan is, it won’t be anything good.


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