An Eladrin Scholar, An Expert on Artifacts


Quintilla is an Eladrin researcher originally from the Sylvan Imperium, a realm to the east of the The Brandywine Plains. Not having much facility with magic herself, Quintilla chose to study at the University at Shard’s Universitas Mundas, which concerned itself with non-magical study. However, her Eladrin background and resulting familiarity with the lore of magical items meant that she possessed a greater than average knowledge in this area than many other scholars and Quintilla found herself existing between the Universitas Mundas and Arcanum, unable to obtain a professorship in either college due to straddling both in her area of study. Her speciality is in using historical records to catalogue the known appearances of artifacts, magical implements of great power that appear in times of great crisis or need and then disappear from the world again when the time of tumult has passed.

Quintilla’s research drew the attention of the wizard Paramonos, who sought the accursed Eye of Vecna. Knowing Quintilla had excellent research skills but no arcane skills, Paramonos unwittingly used Quintilla’s knowledge to discover the location of the artifact. As befits a follower of the King of Secrets, Paramonos decided to eliminate all possible links to how he discovered the Eye. Sensing danger, Quintilla hired a trio of adventurers to guard her. Unfortunately the additional protection was not enough to save her as an assassin struck Quintilla with a well-placed arrow near the heart while waiting to supposedly meet Paramonos in the Portside Markets. Though her bodyguards were able to fight off the group of assassins that Paramonos had sent, Quintills’s wound would prove to be fateful. She died tasking her erstwhile bodyguards to ensure that the Eye did not fall into the wrong hands.


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