An elder of the village of Clearwyn, and a shrewd shrew


Asta is a 62-year-old human woman, with sharp, skeptical eyes, deep wrinkles and narrow, bloodless lips. She is one of the elders of the village of Clearwyn. Whereas others might consider her “tight-fisted” and “rude”, she considers herself “thrifty” and “blunt”. Her imperious demeanor has served her and her village well, however, as she has helped other villagers to fend off unscruplous merchants and to settle complaints in the village fairly and in a way such that both parties wind up feeling chastised at the end. When she is not bossing someone around or giving her unsolicited advice, Asta can be found smoking a pipe, which she claims is her “only vice”.

Asta may be brusque, but her love for her village is deep and sincere. She will do anything she has to in order to defend it and the people (“her people” in her mind) that live there. Anyone who does a service to the village may not exactly earn the friendship of Asta, but they will earn her respect, which is a lot more than most folk will ever get from her.


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