A legendary adventurer, now a legend amongst adventurers


Agrippa is a dragonborn woman of uncertain age, though her adventuring career spanned nearly 30 years and has led to some guessing far outside her earshot on how old she is. Her blue-scaled skin is scarred and marked like a history of her adventures. Though she was never one for personal glory, far more interested in getting the job done than other heroes more prone to seeking the limelight, Agrippa is well-known among her fellow sellswords and those who want to get things done.

Little is known of Agrippa’s life prior to her coming to Shard, though rumor places her origins as the desert wastes of Alkazehir. She came to Shard in an armor of well-worn plate mail and carrying a giant two-handed battleaxe, and immediately found work as she looked the part of the imposing sellsword. However Agrippa proved she was far more than dumb muscle and proved herself clever and quick-witted. Stories of her various feats, both in Shard and in the realms around it, are still told in alehouses and around campfires. Agrippa usually corrects the tales, usually noting that her deeds often weren’t quite as impressive as all that, though sometimes she only has a knowing smile when asked about some of the more improbable events of her fabled career.

Agrippa ended her career about ten years ago and bought out a run-down bar in Shard called The Snake and Pony. Her friendship with several other adventurers quickly made it a place for those looking to hire an adventurer to come, which in turn brought more adventurers to her inn. Agrippa’s tavern is in many ways a reflection of who she is – perhaps not that pretty to look at, but tons of character and cherished by those in the know. Agrippa’s fierce reputation ensures the peace and she does not look kindly on either adventurers or clients that break promises; those with a reputation for deceit find themselves unwelcome in her establishment. Agrippa has also been known to assist young adventurers who are just starting their careers by helping them meet clients. She takes no percentage, so her motivations are known only to her – but whatever they are, they are not financial.


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