• Agrippa


    A legendary adventurer, now a legend amongst adventurers
  • Albion


    Archmagus of the University of Shard
  • Aletha Lovell

    Aletha Lovell

    Councilor and Paper Magnate
  • Arkady Vaughn

    Arkady Vaughn

    A callow but good-hearted youth raised on fantastic tales
  • Asta


    An elder of the village of Clearwyn, and a shrewd shrew
  • Baker


    An Arsonist, Burning Through Money
  • Bargulal


    The goblin's greatest general, the Scourge of the West
  • Brothra


    Viscount of Naharut, elven supremicist
  • Conrad II

    Conrad II

    The elderly Lord of Shard, declining with the city he loves
  • Daragh Llortherin

    Daragh Llortherin

    Councilor and owner of the largest river fleet in Shard
  • Domitia, the Sylvan Imperia

    Domitia, the Sylvan Imperia

    An ancient elf, majestic and benevolent, yet aloof
  • Dunaviihr


    A dwarven warrior as hard as the mountain she was born under
  • Eogan


    He used to be an athlete. USED to be.
  • Erias


    A Halfling Warlock Touched by the Madness Beyond the Stars
  • Eshban


    Pontifex of the Church of the Undying Sun
  • Evan Cadwallader

    Evan Cadwallader

    The mad scion and last heir of a once-great family
  • Faustina of Rocha

    Faustina of Rocha

    A retiring woman who prefers to see than be seen
  • Herja


    A Dwarf Fighter, making her own way in the world
  • Larkspur Woodmanse

    Larkspur Woodmanse

    A mysterious elf ranger, one with nature itself
  • Leonidas


    A Tiefling Cleric of Bahamut, on a Quest for Redemption
  • Liebrecht Harman

    Liebrecht Harman

    Praetor of Shard, Councilor of Eight
  • Lucinda Van Amstel

    Lucinda Van Amstel

    Councilor and sole representative of the Dwarven jewelers of the north
  • Osric


    A high-strung but intensely loyal officer serving under Captain Sextus
  • Padraic


    A one-eyed halfling with an eye for treasure
  • Paramonos


    A Mysterious Wizard with a Dark Agenda
  • Prospero


    The Late Duke of Vallen, noble in spirit and blood if not in pocket
  • Quintilla


    An Eladrin Scholar, An Expert on Artifacts
  • Raja Saqqaf

    Raja Saqqaf

    An Art Merchant in the Portside Markets of Shard, Easily Impressed
  • Stothyra Seram

    Stothyra Seram

    A drow defector from decadence, finding her way in the world above
  • Teagan de Malmaison

    Teagan de Malmaison

    Deputy Praetor, the second child of an ancient noble family
  • Twinkle


    A gnome, unusual even by gnome standards
  • William of Bellamy

    William of Bellamy

    Councilor and Owner of the Foundry