The Adventurers

Twinkle Little Star

The Feywild is both wonderful and terrible

Having overcome the unwelcome welcoming party of predatory animals, the party and an injured Arkady Vaughn needed to get their bearing and find their way out of the Feywild. Each used their specialties as they tried to find a portal leading back home. Larkspur used his years of experience navigating the wild places of the world to keep the party on safe paths. Stothyra made a camouflage for the party to help ensure that the party didn’t attract unwelcome attention. Herja carved a path through the forest as needed, unstoppable and untiring. Leonidas called upon Bahamut to help them undo the injustice perpetrated upon them by Lord Brothra. And Erias opened his mind to the Void Beyond the Stars, and with the certitude of madness, led the party right to a cave from which emanated a incredible concentration of planar energy. Working together, the party had gotten much closer to home.

Entering into the cave, the party hard the sounds of a skirmish. Entering into an open chamber, the party saw a gnome being chased by Lizardmen and their drakes, which they were using as hunting companions. Though their jaws snapped and claws swiped, the gnome managed to evade his attackers by ducking into an ancient structure through a crack too small for the Lizardmen to follow. Moved to help the gnome against such uneven odds, the party did battle with the gnome’s reptilian pursuers and routed them decisively.

With the danger passed, the gnome emerged from his hiding spot. He introduced himself as Twinkle. He gave the “big folk” many thanks for saving him. When the party asked him why the lizards were attacking, he told them that the lizards had decided to make him the special guest for lunch – as in, the main course. He realized that the party was from the “more boring” plane of reality and said that he knew where the “Shimmy” was. The party realized that the “Shimmy” was an interplanar portal to and from the Prime Material Plane – the way back back home. With Twinkle leading the way and Arkady making his way as best he could, the party delved further into the cave.



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