The Adventurers

The Wolves of War, Part I

The beasts march upon the East

While resting at The Snake and Pony, the party was approached by a merchant named Fulgrim. Fulgrim ran a trade route to Weston alternating with a fellow merchant named Caiaphas. Caiaphas is late in getting back and Fulgrim fears that bandits are plaguing the roads. He hired the party as protection – a wise move, as along the way Fulgrim and the party are ambushed by goblins riding astride wolves. The party was able to repel the ambush, and find the remains of Caiaphas’ trade wagon…and those of Caiaphas himself. Inscriptions carved in the wagon seem to suggest incantations or dedications to Bane, the God of Conquest and Subjugation, favored by many of the goblin clans of the west.

Completing the trip to Weston, the party came upon the city at night. At first, the city appeared bright and inviting, but as they drew closer it became obvious that the city was on fire. The party left Fulgrim in a dark copse and entered the city. Weston was unnervingly quiet save for the roar of the flames, until a goblin war cry pierced the silence. The party fought off a war band amidst the burning city and emerged victorious.

A band of Lord’s Guards, led by Captain Sextus, then surrounded the party, drawn by the noise. Despite suspicions from one of his lieutenants that the party were looters, Sextus recognized that the party had fought off a war band with no assistance from the guard. Given their emergent tactical situation, the Captain invoked his right to temporarily conscript the party into the Lord’s Guard – assuring the party that they would be well-compensated for their troubles. As they headed to the great fort overlooking the now-ruined city, Sextus noted that the other two strangers in town and now these three must be a blessing from Bahamut. Just as he is finished thanking his god, a young Guard told the Captain that Councilor Llortherin’s son had gone missing. The Captain called out for double haste, and the party followed behind.



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