The Adventurers

The Shadow Under Arborghast

Something far worse than kobolds can be found under Arborghast Manor...

Agrippa introduced the party to a halfling, Padraic, that she states is in “acquisitions”. Padraic quickly corrected her that he is a thief, and proud that he’s never robbed anyone who’d miss what he had taken. He assured the party that the help he needed didn’t involve stealing anything – that it’s a rescue mission. Padraic tells of his apprentice, the young and prideful Cadeyrn, who heard tales of an abandoned manor house called “Arborghast” that had once been occupied by the “Mad Duke”, Sir Evan Cadwallader. The manor house had a reputation of being haunted, but Caderyn believed that this meant that there could still be fine treasures that had been left behind after the Duke’s grisly crime – the butchering and cannibalization of his entire serving staff. Caderyn had left two days ago and had not come back, and Padraic feared for his safety. The party agreed to assist Padraic in finding his apprentice.

Coming to Arborghast, the manor and its grounds had rotted and decayed from a decade of neglect. Part of the roof caved in, destroying the second story of the house. Weeds and thornbushes choked what had once been a great and colorful garden and the marble foundations of the manor had dried up long ago. As the party entered the house, thunder rolled in the not-far-off distance and storm clouds swallowed up the sun.

In the first floor of the house the party did not find any ghosts, but they did find several drakes. The vicious and cunning lizards attacked the party on sight, but were defeated. Once the drakes were dispatched, Padraic found a hidden passage in the wine cellar of Arborghast that led deep into the earth. The party followed the dark passage until they came to a cavern that housed a temple of some sort. A group of kobolds had sacrificed Caderyn in a ritual circle, but were arguing that despite draining every last drop of blood, the “Sleeping Wyrm” had not awakened. The kobolds then noticed the party and decided to kill the “interlopers” who had desecrated the temple of the Sleeping Wyrm with their very presence.

The party managed to defeat the kobolds. However, the blood of the kobolds spilled into the grooves of the temple’s floor, pooling into the ritual circle. It seemed as if the Wyrm required the sacrifice of draconic blood, as the circle activated and the earth began to shake. The party quickly ran back up the tunnel as it collapsed on them. Old Padraic was unable to keep up, but Herja threw him upon her stout back and carried him out. As the party ran out the front door of the manor, the house was swallowed into a sinkhole. Arborghast was no more. As the weight of the house collapsed into the earth, the rumbling of the earth stopped and the party was left on the grounds of a house that no longer existed under a clear night sky as the stars twinkled on unceasingly.



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