Adventure Awaits!

It is an unsettled age. The City-State of Shard and its surrounding towns have lived in peace for several generations. But omens portend that the time of peace is coming to an end. Outside the walls of Shard, the drums of war have begun to pound, quietly for now but perhaps coming to a cresendo all too soon. Inside the walls, forces scheme and plot against each other that threaten to tear the city apart when unity is needed the most. Ruination and tragedy have begun to invade the dreams of those touched with the gift of foresight. Whispers come from the shadows throughout the Brandywine Plains, saying that Shard will come to the same fate as so many realms before it, the way all things made must end.

Into this darkness come a set of unlikely heroes. One is a exile who seeks to make her way in the world, cut off from her clan and her own history. Another has exiled himself from his family, seeking not only to redeem the family who spurned him but to atone for the sins of ancestors long since passed from this world. The third is a wanderer, tainted by inscrutable elder beings with power and madness for reasons unfathomable. The fourth is an defector from the darkness who has yet to find her place in the world of light. The fifth is a ranger who has wandered across the world but never found a place to call his home. These five strangers to Shard have become, through the tangled threads of fate, its unknowing last hope. Only time will tell if they will repel the calamity waiting in the wings, or if they will be subsumed by it instead…

The Adventurers

Stothyra_Seram Carlie