Ruined Temple to Vecna

Located about an hour’s hike within the Avernal Glade is an abandoned temple with a very dark history. This temple dedicated to Vecna, King of Secrets and the God of Undeath. The temple squats like an ugly grat toad in the midst of a clearing. The temple has fallen apart through neglect, vines and brambles overgrowing the masonry and rubble scattered about. The temple seems to have been the site of a battle about a century or more ago, as bodies of warriors were allowed to rot into skeletons where they lay and broken swords, shields and arrows can be found scattered through the site.

The temple consists of a large main hall, along the sides of which are several small rooms that seem to have been living quarters for the cult that was once centered here. These rooms appear to be completely stripped of anything valuable – whether by the force that invaded and routed the cultists or later scavengers is unknown. The main hall leads to an altar room large enough to hold whatever dark rites were practiced by its former inhabitants, focused on an altar at the end of the room.

A rumor spread recently says that a group of adventurers found the accursed Eye of Vecna in this temple. Most people have scoffed at this story, particularly those knowledgeable in the arcane and divine. The very idea that such a powerful artifact might lie in such an obscure place seems laughable and if the Eye was discovered, no doubt it would be noticed. That said, the existence of any such temple did come as a surprise to most folk – most records of the raid against the temple had been destroyed in order to allow the good citizens of Shard to forget such evil was, in a manner of speaking, once upon their doorstep…

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Ruined Temple to Vecna

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