A Mysterious Wizard with a Dark Agenda


Not much is known about the wizard Paramonos – not even that “Paramonos” was his real name. A Tiefling with brick-red skin, gold eyes and jet black hair, he claimed to have been a former member of the Collegium of Autumn in Alkazehir. Though such a magical college does exist, whether Paramonos did study and/or teach there is also unknown.

What is known is that Paramonos was able to track the cursed Eye of Vecna to the The Brandywine Plains and desired possession of it and the godlike powers it entailed. Soon after arriving in Shard, Paramonos utilized the research skills of the Eladrin scholar Quintilla to help him find the eye. Preying on her desire to prove herself, Paramonos used her knowledge to discover the resting place of the Eye, in a long-abandoned temple dedicated to Vecna in the Avernal Grove. Having what he needed, he set off to the temple without his supposed partner, hiring a gang of thugs to murder her and an arsonist to burn all of the research material that led him to the temple. Upon reaching the temple, Paramonos killed the thugs that had traveled with him and began the grueling ritual to replace one of his eyes with the Eye of Vecna.

The reports from a group of adventures state they found him, having cut out his own eye in preparation to place the Eye of Vecna. However, upon placing the Eye in his now-empty socket, Vecna found him to be an unworthy vessel for one of his most powerful artifacts. For his hubris Vecna aged Paramonos hundreds of years in a heartbeat, his skin and muscles and clothing turning to dust, leaving only his bones behind. So ended Paramonos, who in the style of a true follower of Vecna, took his secrets with him to the great beyond.


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