A one-eyed halfling with an eye for treasure


Padraic is a middle-aged Halfling with a black beard showing a few steaks of grey, a balding head he covers with a black bandana and an eye patch over his left eye, a reminder of a bar fight he got into as a rough-and-tumble teenager growing up alone on the streets of Shard.

Padraic grew up a child of the streets and lived from meal to meal. He became very adept at stealing food from a vendor’s cart and disappearing into a crowd of much larger beings. He joined one of the street gangs of Shard at an early age and found his small stature was very useful in hiding and then jumping on the back of one of the Lord’s Guards if one stumbled upon the gang committing a crime – he would put a canvas sack over their head and deftly tighten the mouth of the bag and tie an intricate knot to buy time for the others to run.

Following the ill-advised bar fight he got into following far too much ale, Padraic found that his former role was not one he could do with the requisite accuracy, and his old gang dumped him. Quite literally, in the sense that they beat him near to death and threw him in a canvas bag loaded with stones into Lake Drokar. Padraic’s nimble fingers helped him to untie himself and the bag, but once again he found himself orphaned.

A chance meeting with a Dwarven safecracker named Tumlaren put him on a new path. The Dwarf knew a lot about locking mechanisms and other traps, but Padraic had far more nimble fingers. It also turned out that Padraic’s hearing was sharp, sharp enough to hear tumblers. Together, Tumlaren and Padraic turned out to be a very successful team. The team broke up when Tumlaren decided he wished to return to his homelands in the northern mountains, believing that his wealth might allow him to buy his way back into the clan he had been exiled from so long ago.

Padraic took on a young apprentice named Cayderan who was an excellent acrobat and second-story cat burgler. He taught him the tricks of the trade while amassing for himself a treasure hoard that would allow him to retire. He has considered using his accumulated treasure to open up his own lock and chest shop, offering his expertiese to offer only the toughest locks and consulting on the best way for nobles to protect their wealth from people like he used to be. Following Cayderan’s death at the hands of a kobald cult, Padraic finds himself wanting to retire even more than before.

Unlike many thieves, Padraic only robbed wealthy merchants and houses. Though these were harder targets, Padraic found he could sleep far easier at night knowing that what he had taken – and he could only take so much – would hardly be missed by those he took from. His strong stance against robbing those of the mercantile and lower classes did not win him favors in the underworld, though his incredible skill at safecracking and lockpicking has earned him a measure of begrudging admiration.


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