He used to be an athlete. USED to be.


Eogan is a farmer in the village of Clearwyn, a middle-aged half-elf man of 42 whose youthful exuberance remains in spirit but not in body – though a long-distance runner at one time, Eogan has settled down without settling down his food intake, and he now sports a paunch. He also treasures his long red hair, steadfastly ignoring the increasingly bald spot in his otherwise flowing mane.

Eogan has done well for himself and owns a fairly large farm, one of the largest in town. In recognition of his (relative) wealth, he is considered one of the elders of Clearwyn, though very much the youngest person in that circle. As such, he is considered “a kid” by the rest of the elders, who are usually two decades older than he is. Eogan tries very sincerely to insure that the rest of the elders take him seriously, and often volunteers for tasks that the rest of the elders can’t be arsed with.

Eogan wants what is best for the village, and as the youngest elder he often advocates changes or innovations that others are loathe to consider. He is more willing to consider risks than his more conservative counterparts. He loves the quiet of Clearwyn, but he recognizes the benefits of closer ties to Shard – a major point of contention with his fellow elders. It remains to be seen whether he can convince the rest to embrace closer ties, or if he will continue to be ignored on this point.


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