An Arsonist, Burning Through Money


Baker is a 37-year old human male, though he looks at least ten years older than that. He has closely cropped hair and a thin, wispy goatee that only seem to emphasize his deep-sunken, deadened eyes.

Baker is known among the criminal underworld of Shard as being a master arsonist. Unlike others in his trade, he tries to be mindful not to start conflagrations that spread to other buildings, which ensures that collateral damage is kept to a minimum. He also tries to start fires only when most people in the building are not present, keeping watch for the perfect time. However, he has not always been successful in either of these things, and given his penchant for sticking around to ensure the job is done right, has heard the screams of those unable to get out of a building he has set alight. He hears these screams in his nightmarish dreams.

These dreams and attendent self-loathing are the reasons that Baker often finds himself attempting to escape through the bottle; he finds that the nightmares only stop when he is in a stupor. However, his drunkeness eats up a lot of the money he gets from jobs, and what is left after the liquor is lost through drunken gambling or picked from his pockets as he lies passed out in a gutter somewhere in the back alleys of Shard. Out of money and needing a respite from the nightmares, and needing to feed his addiction, Baker finds himself coming back to arson time and again, unable to break out of a cycle of destruction – both others’ and his own.

Baker is fairly well-known to the Lord’s Guards, and has already done a few stints in Shard prisons. He has managed to not be caught for some time, though this has only increased his paranoia about the LG. Baker will do anything to avoid going to prison again – particularly, given his record, he will likely never be a free man again if caught.



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